I'm Danielle Baskin — a designer who loves Internet culture, logistical operations, and making things with my hands. I've sold work to people around the world, and companies including NASA, Nickelodeon, Amazon Web Services, SpaceX, Salesforce, and Reebok. My projects have been featured in the New York Times, Wired, Vice, Mashable, and others.

My blend of interests: product design, immersive theater, and commerce has pushed my creativity in strange ways to take mundane concepts and turn them into memorable and delightful experiences. I'm also a consultant for SMBs and individual creators — I figure out why ideas aren't catching on, develop ways to make content more sharable, and strategize events and situations that will promote an idea or brand. I can do tactical, boring work, as well as design conceptual frameworks for thinking about products.

Outside of building products, I play video games, create Internet pranks, organize surrealist conferences, explore abandoned buildings, and paint. I'm currently based in San Francisco. Previously based in New York. If you'd like to hire me, or if anything in my portfolio strikes a chord, let's start a conversation. Email contact@djbask.in. You can also tweet at me @djbaskin.

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